Timothy (Timo) van Diesen was born and raised in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, considered an “echte Rotterdamert” (a real Rotterdamer). An introvert even at a young age, his childhood was spent immersed in creativity, spending a lot of his time drawing, re-arranging his room, reading books about design and mathematicians; when he was bored he would trace geometric patterns in the air with his eyes. His love for math, shapes and design began at a young age. Growing up as a kid in the 90’s allowed Timo’s creativity to grow even further, spending a lot of time outdoors inventing games with friends and playing typical 90’s games. In his teens and 20’s Timo did graffiti with his crew, which quickly became infamous in the Rotterdam area. He traveled across Europe painting and building a network of like-minded artists who he now considers friends. Timo studied both industrial design and communication arts for brief stints at separate universities, and those backgrounds have shaped the way he now approaches art. His art plays with perspective and alludes to an industrial design aesthetic; he understands the importance of the message behind his work and how to best communicate it in a way that entices and challenges the viewer simultaneously. In 2017, Timo started working for a graffiti company, where he rediscovered his joy for graffiti thanks to the work and collaboration with his close colleagues. Timo has always been a hard-working and dedicated individual with limitless ideas and creativity that he has been wanting to unleash and corona gave him the time and opportunity to do so. In May 2020, Timo released his debut collection titled, Numbers in the Time of Corona. Timo makes his art under his artist name Ultimo11 and he hopes it will be emblematic of industrial design x graffiti.